Cybersecurity Consultancy

Securing the future of your business

As more businesses go align, hackers and malicious elements are increasingly taking advantage of both individuals and corporations that did not prepare for the threat. This has been of more concern following increased malicious activities in the wake of the pandemic. This is easy to explain as the pandemic forced a lot of companies to adopt remote work, and this increased the attack surface, with no safeguards put in place prior to the switch. Within this period of the pandemic, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) reported a 300% increase in reported cybercrimes. McAfee reported an escalation of phishing campaigns. An average of 375 new threats per minute. Malware attacks grew by over 1,902%. Google says it now blocks 18 million coronavirus spam emails per day

Beyond the spike during the pandemic, the advent of emerging technologies such as IoT, Cloud Computing, etc., comes with different levels of complications from a cybersecurity perspective. With new technologies and ubiquitous mobile devices, the attack surface continues to increase and this increases the propensity for attack. The cybersecurity threat is real.

The cost of not taking proactive steps to secure your data and infrastructure continues to increase. According to Cybersecurity Ventures, the estimated cost of cybercrime in 2021 will reach $6 trillion per annum. The FBI reported that over $1.77 billion was lost through Business Email Compromise (BEC) in 3 years. It is important to proactively secure your enterprise infrastructure to avoid falling in these loss statistics. We can help you enhance your company’s cyber-resilience.

At Digital Footprints, we have a rich blend of experienced cybersecurity talents. Our duty is to help you stay ahead in the threat landscape. Our task can be summarised as threefold:

  • Prevent: we recommend the tools that prevent cyber attacks;
  • Detect: using state of the art tools, our team can help you monitor your perimeters and internals round the clock and report any incident or spotted vulnerability;
  • Respond and Remediate: once any attack takes place, we immediately activate remediation strategies and protocol.

We can help you put in place policies, strategies and the technology to protect your mission-critical data and infrastructure. We carry out the following services:

  • Cyber risk Assessment- As they say, a defence (security) is only as strong as the weakest link. Therefore, it is important to carry out a cyber risk assessment to identify and measure existing controls and their effectiveness, reveal vulnerabilities and detect potential threats and work out strategies to mitigate same. We carry out periodic cyber risk assessments for our clients to help them stay protected and work out strategies to protect their enterprise assets.
  • Compliance and Audit - using state of the art tools, our team can help you monitor your perimeters and internals round the clock and report any incident or spotted vulnerability;
  • System Hardening - Generally, systems come with lots of vulnerabilities that can be exploited by malicious users. System hardening is a countermeasure to reduce this risk of compromise. System hardening is the process of configuring an asset in line with security best practices to reduce its vulnerability to cyber-attacks. The process involves reducing the ‘attack surface’ of the asset by disabling unnecessary services, user accounts, and ports. At Digital Footprints, we can help you design, implement and monitor controls to harden your systems.
  • Network Security - As cybersecurity threats become more sophisticated continue to evolve, computer networks are at the receiving end of these emerging threats. At Digital Footprints, we can help you build the needed resilience, intelligence and precision needed to stop cyberattacks and other emerging threats. Using state of the art tools and putting in place the right strategies, we can help you secure your IT infrastructure to proactively detect and resolve problems, reduce downtime and improve performance.
  • Security operations Center (SOC) - New threat types and attacks are constantly being unleashed, and organisations are at risk of these emerging threats. Therefore it is important to have an integrated approach to cybersecurity operations. At Digital Footprints, we can help you set up, manage and support your SOC. We have a team of experts that can help you with 24x7 SOC support. Our team will help you with cybersecurity monitoring, risk remediation and ensure you meet up your compliance obligations in this regard.
  • Incident Response - No matter how secure your network is, security breaches may still occur. Therefore, it is important to have an efficient Incident Response Team (IRT). The way you respond will go a long way to determine the cost of such breaches. Do you have an IRT? How efficient is your IRT? What is the average response time or your speed of response? Talk to us, and we can help you. Our security breach response team will be on hand to respond effectively, remediate and ensure compliance controls are followed. We have an incident response service uniquely tailored to each client’s peculiarities. At Digital Footprints, we have experts in incident response, data breach management, digital forensics, and electronic discovery services, all to help you with your Business Continuity Plans (BCP). Our experts can work with you to reduce incident response times, minimise breach impact, and put in place an efficient disaster recovery protocol.
  • Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing - Having a good knowledge and understanding of the vulnerabilities in your network is an important first step in the security process. At Digital Footprints, we can help you stay ahead of the hacker. We can help you with comprehensive threat vulnerability and penetration testing, to help secure your IT infrastructure. Our team can help you assess your strength and find weak spots, so you can take corrective action before they are exploited. In performing this task, we approach things from a 360 degrees view, looking at different angles - physical environment, human element and technology - to mitigate risk. Call us today to help you with vulnerability assessment, application security assessment, phishing assessment and penetration testing.
  • Threat Intelligence - Threat intelligence helps you stay ahead in the threat landscape. It enhances your threat landscape visibility by providing contexts for monitoring trends and the dynamics of the behaviours of threat actors and a scan of possible vulnerabilities to help you proactively stay secure. Our research team, with support from our global partners, periodically publishes Treat Intelligence Report that can help our clients stay ahead in the threat landscape.
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  • Disaster Recovery Protocol