Computer forensic Investigations

Most of the modern lives’ routines revolve around computers. They have become a central aspect of everyday life; therefore, they could contain valuable digital footprints that could prove very useful in an investigation. We have a team of highly experienced computer forensic experts with the requisite competence, education, and certification to carry out computer forensic investigations.

We offer innovative approaches to efficiently handle the collection, preservation, processing and analysis of digital evidence. We do this while maintaining the highest level of integrity for our clients’ data and privacy. Our expertise cut across Operating Systems such as Windows, Linux, Macintosh, etc. We have the right tools to carry out either live or post-mortem analysis. We adopt forensically-sound best practices in all our investigations. Using state of the art tools that have been tried and tested in the industry and with credibility in the courtroom, we can handle computer investigations, no matter how complex.