Incident Response

Is your network infrastructure under attack? Do you suspect that your system has been compromised? Do you suspect intrusion through your perimeter? Do you suspect a breach? Give us a call, and we will be there immediately. It doesn’t matter if they are from rogue intruders or malicious insider threats; we will be right there to help you contain, recover and investigate. We have an excellent response time, ranging from a few minutes if not far from our office to within 24 hours in any location in Nigeria.

No matter how secure your network is, security breaches may still occur. Therefore, it is important to have an efficient Incident Response Team (IRT). The way you respond will go a long way to determine the cost of such breaches. Do you have an IRT? How efficient is your IRT? What is the average response time or your speed of response? Talk to us, and we can help you. Our security breach response team will be on hand to respond effectively, remediate and ensure compliance controls are followed. We have an incident response service uniquely tailored to each client’s peculiarities. At Digital Footprints, we have experts in incident response, data breach management, digital forensics, and electronic discovery services, all to help you with your Business Continuity Plans (BCP). Our experts can work with you to reduce incident response times, minimise breach impact, and put in place an efficient disaster recovery protocol.