Expert Witness And Litigation Services

The Evidence Act 2011 (as amended) allows for the admissibility of digital evidence. Often times, Lawyers and Litigants are faced with the task of collecting, preservation and analysis of digital evidence. In fact, in most cases, they do not quite understand it, and this may ruin the case for their clients. Having the right technical knowledge and expertise may just be the difference between a good case and a bad case.

At Digital Footprints, we help our clients involved in hi-tech cases involving digital evidence. Our approach is guided by best practices such as the Daubert Standard. We can help our clients prepare their case using our expert knowledge and understanding. We carry out our duties in the most ethical and professional manner, guided by information governance best practices and relevant legal framework.

We can serve in different capacities, either as affirmative or rebuttal expert witness, to offer expert opinions through expert reports, declarations, depositions and open court testimony. Our experts are professionals of no mean repute, with requisite qualifications and industry recognition and reputation.