Digital Footprints Nigeria Ltd announces its partnership with Belkasoft, a leading forensics company. Belkasoft which was founded in 2002, is a global leader in digital forensics technology and is known for their sound and comprehensive forensic tools. With a team of professionals in digital forensics, data recovery and reverse engineering, Belkasoft focuses on creating technologically advanced yet easy-to-use products. These products make work easier, faster, and more effective for investigators and forensic experts.

Belkasoft products includes:

  • BELKASOFT EVIDENCE CENTER - a powerful Digital Forensic and Incidence Response tool (DFIR), used for acquisition and analysis of various digital devices. These devices include; Computer hard drives, removable drives, investigation of CCTV-systems, mobile devices (iOS, Android, Windows OS) and cloud data.               
  • BELKASOFT ACQUISITION TOOL - used to acquire computer hard drives, copy mobile device information for modern smartphones, dump live RAM content, and download cloud data.
  • BELKASOFT REMOTE ACQUISITION – used to remotely acquire hard and removable drives, RAM, connected mobile devices and volatile memory.

Belkasoft is used worldwide by thousands of forensic experts and police departments from more than 130 countries. Recently, the Belkasoft team was selected as one of the top 3 DFIR teams of the year at Forensic 4: cast Award 2021. This partnership is an attestation to the relevance, competence and professional capability of Digital Footprints. The firm is a leading Digital Forensics and Cybersecurity company, that is involved in conducting Digital Forensics and Incidence Response as a service for its clients across Nigeria and Africa.

With a world-class Digital Forensics Laboratory, Digital Footprints Ltd have proven competence in Computer Forensics, Mobile Forensics, Incident Response, Network Forensics, Cloud Forensics, IoT Forensics, SCADA Forensics, and other aspects of cybersecurity consultancy. 

With this partnership, Digital Footprints will serve as a reseller of Belkasoft products in Nigeria. This partnership will enhance and broaden the available opportunities for building forensic capabilities in the investigation of digital crimes and combatting emerging cybersecurity challenges. Digital Footprints also also facilitate trainings for individuals, law enforcement, the military, corporate and private firms. Give us a call or send us a mail, and we will be glad to answer your questions.