October every year is designated as Cybersecurity Awareness Month. To this end, the Nigerian Petroleum Development Co. Ltd (NPDC) held a virtual Cybersecurity Awareness Programme, for which Digital Footprints partnered with and participated as facilitators. 

In his Presentation, the CEO and Lead Forensic Examiner of Digital Footprints, Dr. Robinson Tombari Sibe outlined the need for mainstreaming regular cybersecurity awareness programs across the enterprise. He outlined the important role played by the user, and the needs to be cybersmart. The presentation looked at key technical issues, emerging challenges and the rapidly evolving threat landscape. He made key recommendations on best practices - user responsibilities, corporate responsibilities, Cybersecurity Governance, etc. 

Over the last decade, there has been a rapid increase in the number of cyber attacks targeted at the oil and gas/energy sector. From attacks such as Operation Night Dragon to the Shamoon virus attack of Saudi Aramco, the attacks in the sector continue to increase. Recently, the colonial pipeline ransomware attack made the global headlines. 

Therefore, it is very instructive to know that the NPDC is prioritising cybersecurity. We thank the NPDC for the opportunity, and look forward to greater partnership in future. 

Be cybersmart. 

Digital Footprints Ltd 
28th October 2021